Viral: Sania bachelorette photos are going viral on social media


Paris: Indian tennis player Sania Mirza wanders the streets of Paris. Her sister Anam Mirza has announced that she will soon be getting married. The Anam Mirza Bachelor Party was organized in Paris. The party was attended by only a few close friends and friends. But Sania Mirza was the highlight of this bachelor party. Sania posted photos of the streets of Paris on her Instagram. The photos of Sania are currently being performed by the tribe on Netting. Also, the netizens make fun comments on those photos. When a mother of a child, the model has nothing to do with removing the model, while the Sania game, Attitude is a big fan, and netizens are commenting.

A few days ago, Anam Mirza posted on social media that she was getting married. There are many reports that Anam is going to marry Azaduddin, son of former Team India captain Azharuddin. In the meantime, the two are wandering around. According to netizens, Anam’s fiance Asaduddin. However, the two have not yet responded to the news. However, Anam got married to a businessman in Hyderabad in 2015. However, it is known that the interactions between Veerddari are getting away with it.