Why Is Light Important In Photography?

The more creative we are with light in taking photos, the beautiful the output is going to be. If we go back to history, the very origin of “Photography” comes from the Greek words, ‘Photo’, which means light and ‘Graphics’, which means drawing. In other words, photography can also be described as “Drawing with Light”.

A proper usage of light while taking photos can bring a photograph to life. It determines not only brightness or darkness, but also it gives a tone, mood and an atmosphere. This is why it is important to adjust and manipulate light properly in order to get the best texture.

Like we said earlier, a photograph can be creative if we utilize the light properly. Without proper usage of light, even the most compelling photograph won’t look interesting enough.

In this blog, we are listing the best way to use the natural light while taking photographs. Basically, there are four varieties of natural light. Soft light, front light, side light, and back light.

Softlight: Softlight is apt for film and cinematography context. The benefits of using softlight is that it casts shadow-less light, and can reduce the avoids additional shadows. The final output after using a softlight appears more beautiful or youthful making it wrinkle less. 

Frontlight: Using front light gives more predictable results and lessens the shadows. This is because most of the shadows fall behind the object. The output depends on the photographer’s ability to control brightness or softness.

Sidellight: If you want experiment lights with photography, start with sidelight. It takes you to the creative side. Using side light brings out patterns and defines depth. It is more effective with portraits. The best way to take a photo using sidelight is to turn the image into black and white.

Backlight: Backlight in photography is when the sun is positioned behind the object, which again creates a deep contrast between highlights and shadows. This is tricky to use, but it worth a try to take photos using backlight.

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