What are the best (JAM) topics for a Just One Minute session?

Best Topics for Just A Minute (JAM) Session  To Crack: JAM stands for Just A Minute which means the candidate will be given a minute time to speak on a topic. Recruiters do this to judge the thinking ability and communications skills of the candidate.

This was a trend incorporates for many years and the candidates have special training skills and a special focus on this.

However, the topics that are covered in Just A Minute Sessions are sometimes repeated.

In this blog, you are going to learn some of the most repeated JAM topics..

The topic given for the Just A Minute session could be anything and the candidate must be prepared to speak on any given topic. But, there are chances the topics can be repeated at times.

Anyhow, based on my experience of attending multiple interviews, here are a few topics that I gathered that are worthy of reading.

Words of Wisdom
Try to speak the best words that you have used and experienced in your life and share how it helped to change your life story easily.

Being 10 years old again
Being a child again is bliss. If you get a chance to go back to your childhood days and start your life with 10 years of age.

Starting a New Business
The present generation is all about entrepreneurship and it is a boon at the moment which is an opportunity to develop an idea and business with a business plan.

Getting Published
If you had published a book or a publisher invites you to write a book, what could be the title?
Most Memorable Meal.
Describe the best meal that you had with your loved ones and why is it more memorable to you?
Favorite food.

What is your favorite food and why?
A Second Change
What if you are given a second chance and you want to rewind and change your life?
Stand Up and Speak
Speak on any topic of your choice.
Before they were famous
Name any of your idols and describe them with a story of them before they got famous and what are the qualities that made them famous today.
Life as an object
Describe your life as it would be an object.
Having a brief idea on these topics would help you to push yourself on focusing more topics.
Good luck with JAM!
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