Telugu Comedian Venu Madhav Passes Away the Last Pic


The death of famous comedian Venu Madhav is a major story in the industry said Angry Star Rajasekhar. Venu Madhav expressed deep sympathy for the family. He remembered his association with him. Rajasekhar said Venu Madhav is a close friend of our family. He called me Bawa and called me life older sister. He was the one who phoned every ball. Previously Message and Wish. We love and love ourselves. We have acted in about ten films together. He is famous for his performance and humor in films like mindfulness, time royal lion, and one put on one henna. They were like a family, calling everyone in rows. The good man did not think he would leave the world anytime soon.

During the election of Movie Artists Association, Venu Madhav was in good health! But, nobody knew. He set the stage for sati artists. He won the election. If he does not attend certain events in person .. he will respond immediately to whatever comes to mind. Says his opinion. I met him last week at the hospital. He was discharged on Monday evening. Admitting on Tuesday that it is serious again. Everyone has been laughing, laughing and leaving the world today for years.