Sarkari WhatsApp new app from Indian government

Indian government Social Media app launch soon as Sarkari WhatsApp: The government plans to create its own information sharing platform similar to WhatsApp. Initially, it was intended to be used by government departments to share information with each other, government officials said. They said the government had decided to create a safe chatting platform in the wake of the US-China trade war between the US and China’s Huawei company.
The US is pressuring India to ban Huawei and the government thinks it is better not to rely on the existing WhatsApp for security reasons. Sarkari said it would develop its own platform called WhatsApp to avoid any problems in the future. They said that the information and data sent by the government would not be vulnerable to data leakage and that 100% of the information would be stored in India. Look at the state of affairs of Huawei and the Honor smartphones it manufactures. US companies are not supplying software to that company and phones due to US sanctions. For whatever reason, before that, we have to stop the networks of American companies in our country
If that happens, all the chatting platforms in our country will stop. “We will develop our own WhatsApp to avoid that risk,” the government officials said. They said they would advise officials and government officials not to use Gmail or WhatsApp to send official data and data after the arrival of Sarkari WhatsApp. US-based Facebook WhatsApp has over 20 billion users in our country. The government is taking steps to regulate WhatsApp. Data localization is being sought to protect our country’s data. It is opposed by American companies. Against this backdrop, the Center is preparing its own WhatsApp.