Not to use plastics Innovative effort Appreciation of Union Minister


Itanagar: A meat trader from Arunachal Pradesh .. Tribe is currently trending on social media. What he has done is that he has completely abandoned the use of plastic covers and packed the leaves into the leaf instead of covering the customers who come to his shop. Kiren Rijiju shared a video of this on Twitter. The tribe is currently hostile. Arunachal Pradesh is a local meat vendor from the Lepa Rada district.

Kiran Rijiju shared a video of this on his Twitter account. Instead of using locally available foliage, we are ecologically awakening tweeted. The video, which was shared three days ago, has already garnered over 17,000 likes. Netizens watching this video… It’s raining on the meat shopkeeper. Recall that they were given the same kind of meat in their childhood. Modi has called for a complete abolition of the use of plastic, which can only be used once by 2022.