How to Prepare for Grama Ward Volunteer Interview

Grama Volunteer interview questions and answers sample One hundred marks In the interviews for the selection of ward volunteers, SC and ST candidates will be declared eligible for 35 marks and 40 marks for BC and OC candidates. The municipal department on Tuesday issued a special circular on recruitment qualifications. 
Questions may ask for The interview, which will be conducted for 100 marks, will cover five sections with 20 marks per section. Interviews will be conducted by the chairman and two other members. After determining the marks separately, the Chairman of the Selection Committee will take into consideration all the qualifications. The candidate must be a person from the same ward. We need to be aware of government schemes and current politics. Preference is given to those who have worked in government agencies and NGOs in the past. The Municipal Department has also asked the Municipal Commissioners to include the details of the selected candidates on the notice board.
The municipality works to set up 4,000 ward secretariats across the state. Officials say they could be installed within another 10 to 10 days. Guidelines for the establishment of ward secretaries, on the other hand, have been drawn up for the recruitment of 81 thousand ward volunteers. Grama ward sachivalayam secretaries are set up in 110 municipalities in the state. Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has said that the ward ministries should be fully accessible to the public. Ward Secretaries should be set up in the rooms of the local Anganwadi buildings, school buildings, community halls, and government buildings. A room in a private building should be rented to make it comfortable for people where these are not available. The government supplies the furniture to the Ward Secretariat.
Minimum 4 thousand .. Maximum 6 thousand population ..
Ward Secretaries will be established based on population. There should be a minimum of 4 thousand and a maximum of 6 thousand population. According to the 2011 census, Salina is considering an increase of 1.098 percent. If the population exceeds five thousand, another ward secretariat will be set up. If the population is less than a thousand, they are attached to the nearest ward secretariat. When deciding onward secretaries, the slum boundaries are taken care not to disturb. After the formation of the ward secretaries, the municipal commissioners will create a map with the help of the Town Planning Department and allocate serial numbers. Ward volunteers should regularly report to the Ward Secretariat on local conditions and issues. Employees serving as ward co-ordinators should not be reduced to a junior assistant level. They are appointed by the Municipal Commissioner.
AP grama volunteer jobs Duties and responsibilities Ward volunteers must work to make government programs and programs available to the public in a timely manner. Frequent checks are carried out to ensure this. The Co-ordinator of the Ministries shall report to the Municipal Commissioner if there is negligence in the performance of the duties and the corruption. This is based on disciplinary action against the volunteer.
Applications reaching 1.70 Lakhs Applications for the posts of ward volunteers in urban areas were received up to 1.70 lakh by Tuesday evening. The government has reduced their qualifications from degree to inter, and extended the application deadline by 10 months, increasing the number of applications. In areas with apartments and multi-story buildings, the number of ward volunteers per 50 families, and 100 volunteers in other areas is expected to increase to 81 thousand.