ESI scam devika rani voice audio tape found


The Hent, Hyderabad: The irregularities in the ESI drug scandal are coming out one by one. Another sensational issue relating to the case emerged on Saturday. The case came to a head when the audiotapes of Section Officer Surendra Nath threatened doctors to make false bills. It is customary that the audiotapes were leaked during a police investigation. On the basis of these, the case seems to be being investigated more deeply. Now, these audiotapes have gone viral on social media.

The conversation between Surendra Nath and Dr. has now become a hot topic. Section Officer Surendranath pressured ESI doctors to make false bills. He wrote to the doctor that he had sent the medicine in the name of the camps and made a record. However, the section officer was threatened when the doctor refused. Surendra also phoned another female doctor. A year later, he pressured the woman doctor to prepare bills for the camp. However, the ESI doctor said that the bills could not be made after a year. But the director and the joint director tried to pressure him to ask for bills. But the doctor clearly told Surendra that he would go ahead with the terms.

Police have already arrested IMS Director Devika Rani in connection with the case. On the other hand, in the homes of the accused continue to seize. Several key documents were seized on this occasion. Warangal Joint Director, Additional Director of the Indira spring, Pharmacist Radhika, representative paintings of Lord Shiva, senior assistant Harsh Vardhan, Omni alias of the question was arrested and questioned at Nampally esi. A case has been registered against them under Sections 455 (a), 465, 468, 471, 420, 120 – B 34. They were then treated at the Osmania hospital. The ACB has already lodged an FIR with 17 IMS employees, five medical company representatives and a TV channel reporter in connection with the scam.