eKubera: How to apply ekubera Scheme in online @ Telangana Rythu Bandu

#eKubera #Scheme The government has issued orders for increasing the benefit of the farmer. From this kharif season, each farmer has to pay Rs. Announced that it will provide five thousand (5000). In this regard, the Chief Secretary of Agriculture Mr. C. Parthasarathy released the following guidelines on 2019-20 fiscal year. Last year, every farmer had to pay Rs. The Government has been investing about 4,000. Nearly Rs. 10 thousand crores. From this Kharif it is Rs. Chief Minister KCR assured the assembly elections to be increased to 5 thousand. Accordingly, the money raised from this kharif will be given to every farmer. For the purpose, the government has budgeted over Rs. 12 thousand crores has been allocated. Particularly explained that every eKubera Scheme of the RBI-based e-Kuber will deposit an investment online through their landholders.

Full Details of ekubera Scheme as Telangana Rythu Bandu:

The beneficiaries of the booklet are the farmers and the government of the beneficiaries who are awarded to OrvoFR. According to the information received from the Revenue Department, the Agriculture Department has 54.50 lakh farmers with 1.35 crore acres of land. 6,750 crores is to be deposited. However, some of those in the list of farmers from the Revenue Department have not yet submitted their bank account details. There is an estimated 50 lakh farmers’ bank details at the Agricultural Department. Only the farmer’s money is available to them. The farmers have also asked farmers to give details of their bank account details. If the clearer of anyone is clear and the papers are not only the booklet, the authorities are asking farmers to contact them. The farmers ‘share of this kharif will be credited to farmers’ accounts on 4th and 5th of this month, sources said. In a matter of two to three weeks, every farmer will have money.
Leave to help In the government order, they have to give ‘Give It Up’ to the Zonal Agricultural Officer or Zonal Agricultural Extension if any of the farmers who are investing in the investment Thus, the remaining investment funds will be given to the Telangana State Farmers Coordination Committee. Give it to the farmers to make a massive campaign.
Assisted by PM-Kisan … The central government will utilize the PM-Kisan scheme for farmers in the country annually. On Friday it decided to give 6,000 aid. Under this scheme, Rs. The state agriculture department estimates that there will be an increase of 3,270 crore. This scheme was implemented in December last year by the farmer’s center. Then the scheme has been extended to 25 lakh people in Telangana. But in the current year, the amount of land has to be removed and the land is all but Rs. The center has decided to give 6 finger. Accordingly, there are 54.50 lakh farmers who have patrons in the state of Telangana. Last year, the scheme was implemented in a number of conditions. Now it is to be aware of the same conditions or giving all the farmers. According to sources in the state agriculture department, the details of the guidelines were issued by the Center.