Breaking News: Former TDP MP Siva prasad dies Fake News at apollo hospital Not Confirm


Chennai: Former Chittoor MP and TDP leader Naramali Sivaprasad’s health is highly toxic. Sivaprasad, who has been suffering from a kidney problem for some time, is being treated for it. However, family members were rushed to Apollo Hospital in Chennai due to poor health. The treatment of Sivaprasad is ongoing. However, there has been a huge public outcry over the death of Sivaprasad. Clarity gave Apollo Hospital ownership of News18. Sivaprasad is currently in the ICU and his health is highly toxic. Sivaprasad is being treated on a ventilator. It was reported that his body was not cooperating with treatment. Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is leaving for Chennai soon after he is informed about Sivaprasad’s health.

Naramali Sivaprasad, who has made an entry in the field of cinema, has won the TDP from Chittoor Lok Sabha seat twice. YSRP candidate Reddappa was defeated in the last election. In 2009 and 2014, he was the Chittoor MP. Sivaprasad, a self-styled actor, made his protests the same way. Every time Parliament convenes to protest the justice of the AP and the promise of a special status .. Various dresses protest. He also attracted national media attention.

Sivaprasad was born on July 11, 1951, in the state of Madras, Pootipalli in the Chittoor district. Drama from a young age is insane. A native stage actor. He later acted in several films. Villain, Character Artist. He has also directed four films – From movies to politics.