Beware influencers: Food Bloggers Can Be Sued Legally Now!!


The hospitality industry has decided to go tough against food bloggers who write negative reviews intentionally that could impact their business. The hospitality association has started scrutinizing the bloggers now. According to the new rules, food bloggers can be sued legally if they find them misleading customers and pubic with their reviews.

According to the new rules set by the hospitality association, food bloggers who haven’t recognized by the National Hospitality Body can be sued legally if they found misleading customers with their negative reviews.

However, the news rule is only those people who claim to be influencers and food bloggers and write negatively about the restaurants or hotels about their hospitality and cuisine and mislead public opinions.

India Times Pune has published the story first and it also will be the first city where this rule by the hospitality association will be implemented. Sanee Awsarammel, the chairman of the hospitality industry of India said that there are around 500 influencers in the city and only 25% of them are genuine. He said, “how can an engineer or an IT professional judge about food? It is like an engineer treating a patient and not a doctor.”