Viral: Woman arrested for Posting Star Actress Angelina Jolie Fake Pic on Instagram


Tehran: Morphing these recent photos and sharing them on social media has gone viral. The latest is a woman from Iran, Sahar Tabar, who has changed her face to look like Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie by cosmetic surgery. She also shared the photo on Instagram. The incident took place in Tehran, Iran.

The Iranian news agency has reported that Sahar Tabar has been detained by the police on charges of violating cultural, social and moral values. Iran’s cybercrime has also filed cases against her for choosing the wrong way and encouraging violence. Sahar Taber’s popular face of plastic surgery last year was posted on Instagram in a row and became very popular. It was reported that she recently changed her face to a spooky version of Angelina Jolie via cosmetic surgery and posted it on Instagram. In Iran, Facebook and Twitter are the only social media platforms to be banned, except for Instagram.