Saudi Arabia offer allows tourist visas Abolish Abaya Rule


RIYADH: The Saudi government has made a key decision. It is a historic decision that has never been made in the past. Tourism visas will be issued for the first time as part of a boost to tourism. Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken the first step in the Vision 2030 program in an effort to diversify the economy away from Saudi Arabia’s oil. The announcement comes two weeks after the devastating attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.

Recent drone strikes on oil wells have severely damaged the country’s income. Saudi Sarkar plans to compensate for this loss through tourism. “Inviting international tourists to Saudi Arabia is a historic moment for their country,” Tourism chief Ahmed al-Khatib said in a statement. Khatib said the kingdom would also simplify its strict code of conduct for foreign women, allowing Saudi women to still go without a body jacket and open skirt. Tourist places in Saudi Arabia are definitely a must. A breathtaking natural beauty, the five heritage sites that UNESCO has identified are definitely a sight for tourists, Saudi Arabia said in a statement. Applications will be received from Saturday. Citizens of 49 countries can apply for online tourist visas worldwide.