Nasa releases vikram chadnrayaan 2 landing site photos


The US Space Research Organization (NASA) on Friday released key photos related to the Chandrayaan-2. These photos were taken while NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LRVC) was near the moon. ISRO is reportedly planning a soft landing of Chandrayaan-2 at the Moon’s the South Pole. NASA has released high-resolution photos of the Vikram lander on the Moon, which has been landed on the Moon.

ISRO has tried to land Vikram’s lander on a lofty terrain on the lunar surface. However, on the 7th of September, the moon went to the moon. ISRO is working hard to restore relations with Lander. ISRO has already confirmed that Vikram’s lander is hard landing on the moon. LRVosi captured the definitive location of Vikram’s land with his camera. The 150-km range was painted on the moon. However, the exact location of Vikram’s hard landing remains to be determined, NASA said.

Vikram’s lander has landed near the Moon’s south pole on the 7th of this month. The contact with Vikram’s lander was cut off just 2.1 km while landing on the lunar surface. ISRO and US space agency NASA tried to restore communication with it .. but it failed. The 14-day daylight at the site ended Saturday morning. On the moon, the daytime temperatures of 130 degrees Celsius .. Temperatures drop to minus 200 degrees at night. Vikram Lander. The Rover in it can withstand the cold weather.