Shruti Haasan has given clarity her breakup with Michael corsale


Universal actor Kamal Haasan has nothing special to say about Gaarala Tanuti Shruti Haasan. Own talent and beauty. Shruti entered the film industry with the Hindi film Luck in 2009 and then made a series of films in Telugu and Tamil. Shruti has given a brief break to the movies after Katamaraudu, which came out in 2017. At the time, Italian boyfriend Michael Corsale traveled with him. He toured Los Angeles, Chennai, and Mumbai. They shared photos of themselves on social media. Their relationship, which lasted a few years, ended in April this year.

Against this backdrop, Manu Lakshmi was presenting a reality show called Shruti. Shruti Haasan spoke about Michael’s breakup and her expectations for life. Shruti said he had a good experience with Michael. I’m very innocent. So those around me will dominate me and behave like a boss. The emotions in me are overwhelming. That is why those around me want to keep me under their control. But these are also good experiences for me. Also, I am looking for the right person in life, says Shruti.

Shruti said that if the person with the qualities he wants, he will fall in love with him immediately and introduce him to the world. And there are no formulas specifically to fall in love with. He said that a person who looked good at one time would look bad at the same time. He was worried about such things. All this has given him the opportunity to learn .. He has been good experience. The couple, who have been in a relationship for several years, reportedly broke up in April this year. Michael announced his breakup on Twitter.