Can’t stop Sye Raa Movie High Court Green Singal Chiranjeevi Movie


In the meantime, many controversies have surrounded the films. This has impeded the release of the film. Varun Tej’s hero, Gadalakonda Ganesh, was released to the last day. However, a few hours before the release, the film unit was renamed to make a bold move. Latest megastar Chiranjeevi’s hero is a big-screen movie Saira Narasimhareddy. The film is currently under controversy. Leaders of Tamil Nadu Youth Association Katireddy Jagadishwar Reddy filed a petition in the High Court claiming that Uyyalavada Narsimhareddy’s history is being misrepresented as a biopic. The petition also sought to stop the release of the film. The release of the Cyirantha came as a surprise to everyone.

The High Court on Tuesday issued its final ruling on the issue. Hearing the arguments of the two parties, the High Court has ruled that the release of the film Siralax will not stop. The High Court has made it clear that they will not interfere in any situation. The petitioner was advised to view the film as pure entertainment. While questioning who has shown the history of many great people. The earlier references to Gandhi and the Mughal Empire. The film is said to be left to the audience who do not like it. The High Court has dismissed the fixation as they cannot stop the film. This has led to the release of Sira’s film in Telangana. While the film unit of ‘Sira’ was happy with the first review of the film already, the High Court verdict was doubly exciting. Chiranjeevi’s hero has been launched as the Gandhi Jayanti gift tomorrow (Wednesday).