Ravi Krishna Eviction from Bigg Boss House


As every weekend Sunday is the elimination day filled with fun until the end of the show. This week also there are four contestants in nominations Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Baba Basker, Ravi Krishna. However, Varun gets saved in the Saturday’s episode and other three waiting Nag to come.

King Nagarjuna comes up with few entertainments tasks for housemates before the eviction. As per Bigg Boss orders, Nag says housemates to perform some skits and entertain the audience.

Ravi interviews Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar in a dance reality show where Sreemukhi is the contestant and Baba is a Judge, Rahul and Punarnavi sign some parody songs. Mahesh and Sivajyothi as new readers on Bigg Boss Tv, Ali and Vithika in husband and wife role.

Later another task like ‘Kiss and Kill’ where housemates can place a kiss mask for their favourite contestant and Place the knife for the housemate they hate. Every contestant does this with their reasons for the kiss and kill.

Finally, after a fun and entertaining episode, Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar are safe in the house. Ravi Krishna gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Ali and Shiva Jyothi burst out for this eviction.