Big boss 3 Telugu Who get lucky chance to meet their families in house


Big Boss: Tinmar Savitri, Ravikrishna, Ravikrishna, Himaja, Rahul Sipligunj, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi Bhupalam , Jandubham in Bigbas, Mahesh Vitta In Bigg Boss, sreemukhi, Vithika Sheru, Vithika Sheru, Varun Sandesh Baba Bhaskar as Best Teacher and Mahesh as Best Student in the Crazy College Task given by Bigboss. Mahesh, who was known as Baba Bhaskar’s pawn in a captaincy task called weapons weapon Both of them approached the members of the house and asked for their support. Mahesh said with his words that I want a captaincy for a change in me. Similarly, all the members of the house (except Vithika and Rirnavis) who wished to see Mahesh, wore a machete and won the captaincy. Captain Mahesh .. The captain is thinking of meeting every day to solve problems.

Himaja was the manager of the Luxury Budget Task. In this task, Captain Mahesh grabs the placard but does not see it. The housekeeper must tell the captain the name written directly there. The Luxury Budget Task was completed successfully as everyone was right. In today’s episode, a little bit of a day that starts off with a dance. Sreemukhi hugged Sivajothi, who had been crying while getting up. Fate also brought tears to Varun’s lap. The atmosphere at home became emotional. It will continue in the next episode. Bigboss gave Bigshak to all the householders.

Big Surprise has prepared a surprise for members of the family who miss the family as 60 days have passed. But he also gave a little. said no members of the house could speak. Afterward, their family and friends showed up and all the members of the house were excited. Srimukhi and Sivajyoti couldn’t stop the tears. Bigboss will be playing the game with family members who come to meet the Participants. As part of this, the Joker set up boxes with the I logo in five. He said that only two people who played the game and won the game with the logo would be able to go home. Lucky Chance has already hit the spot. It is reported that Vithika and Ravi have got a golden chance to meet their family members!